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We can all benefit when the deal we agree is a good one. In most cases a little researching, analysis and comparing with peers is often enough.

Commercial Insurance policies can be complex with varying terms, conditions, warranties and endorsements that can be applied which highlights the importance of fully understanding exactly what your insurance policy covers. It is normally following an incident occurring that companies become aware of any potential short-fall in their policy coverage with the policy not providing the cover they thought they had, which defeats the object of being insured.
Benchmarking is a free service we would like to offer you to review your Insurance Programme with a professional eye and detailed knowledge and understanding of policy parlance and benchmark them against other businesses in your field to help you in the following ways:

  • identify & highlight any potential issues which could affect a claim.
  • ensure your cover is enough for your actual needs.
  • ensure you are not ‘over insured’ and paying unnecessarily
  • give you oversight how you compare to other similar businesses in your field

Sutton Kersh are a similar business to yourself whom we guided, advised and placed their insurance programme providing them with significant premium savings.

CALL US TODAY: 0844 216 0626 to take advantage of your free ‘Policies Benchmarking’ or click here to email us.

“Benchmarking is a free service, there is no obligation to place your business with us. We offer this service to a limited number of businesses in sectors we have expertise in where we have made a real difference.”

CALL US TODAY: 0844 216 0626 to take advantage of your free ‘Policies Benchmarking’ or click here to email us.

5 things we find businesses are tired of dealing with Insurance Brokers..

1. Increasing premiums.
2. Last minute renewal terms.
3. Spurious claims paid.
4. Claims repudiated.
5. Unknown broker earnings.