The challenges and demands of the construction industry require a broker who is conversant with your activities, contracts and varying insurance requirements: we work closely with you to keeping abreast of your changing requirements.

Construction companies have a complexity of risk and threat that demands the type of attention our service delivers. In particular, liabilities accepted by contract need careful management, demanding far more than an off the shelf insurance product, annually negotiated.


A summary of our services are as follows:

Pre empting contractual liabilities:

  • Pre tender checks
  • Contract vetting
  • Warranties and legal advice

It is essential to identify and manage contractual risks at the pre-contract stage, to ensure that the necessary insurance solutions are in place. Deviation from standard forms of contract usually entails the adoption of additional, sometimes onerous and sometimes uninsurable, liabilities.

We can offer a legal service on collateral warranties as part of our proposition through our key partners. This level of involvement provides balance sheet protection for our clients.

Additional Construction Risk Services

  • Sub-contractor audits
  • Environmental specialism
  • Latent Defects
  • Performance bonds
  • Training

Our system of sub-contractor checks is a vital tool in managing and reducing risk and ensures that the risks associated with people not completely under your control.

Our Other Key Sectors

Our unique understanding of the issues facing the above sectors allows us to design innovative risk solutions for businesses operating in the logistics industry.



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